Service Pricing


I offer my prices on a worked booked basis, and therefore these prices change, depending on the number of hours or days that you require my services.  I do not charge mileage to visit your site as this is included in my price,  I have based my pricing on the following structure, with a 10 hour working day. 

Due to the size of the equipment used in today’s modern farming, the hourly slots have been booked as 5 hours per slot and will be charged at an hourly labour rate x 5 hours.  This is the minimum time that you can book my services for.

Hourly booked in 5 hour slots

1 day booked

2 days booked in the same week

3 days booked in the same week

4 days booked in the same week

5 days booked in the same week

Saturday Closed (unless by prior arrangement)

Sunday Closed (unless by prior arrangement)

As an example, if you book me for a Thursday and Friday in one week, and a Monday and Tuesday in the following week, then the price would be for two days per week.  I am prepared to negotiate a better labour rate, depending on the amount of work offered.

If you require my services, at your premises and you do not have the equipment, I can use my own equipment, but the cost will be higher, depending on how long and how often you require my services for.

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Cambridge Agricultural Pressure Washing, is owned and operated by Cambridge Pressure Washing, and as such all invoices raised for services completed with be headed with Cambridge Pressure Washing. 

In order to maintain the same invoicing standard, all invoicing will be charged as 100 minutes hours or decimal hours..i.e 60 minutes standard hour is equal to 100 minutes decimal, so 0.30 hours standard is equal to 0.50 hours decimal.  This is the same invoicing practice that has been in place for many years, when paying for your car service, motorbike service, tractor service etc 

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